Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities situated in Canada. The city has a lot to offer to its visitors. There are many places for tourists to explore in Vancouver. To enjoy Vancouver visit to the Railside as it provides great opportunities to see Vancouver’s history. Traveling by train to Vancouver gives you a pleasant experience.

Vancouver to Banff Tour
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This trip will take you to an open air market of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. While visiting to this market of fresh produce in Vancouver, you will have the chance to buy some of the finest handicrafts and fabrics. You will be able to visit the Glass Center Gallery located at Main Street in the city.

During your Rail to Vancouver trip you will travel through the city of Vancouver visiting the main thoroughfare of the city named Burrad Avenue. In this street you will find modern and designer shops. The Broadway Market is also an open air market of fresh foods, fresh seafood and local produce. Travelers passing by the Broadway Market can enjoy a wide range of fresh foods. Another important place to visit while Rail to Vancouver is the Burrard Theatre which is a heritage theatre.

The third city on your Rail to Vancouver trip is Calgary. Calgary is the third largest city in Alberta, which is a major agricultural area. The third largest city of Calgary is a very beautiful and modern place. The place has a very nice skyline and offers a wide variety of nightlife, cultural events and recreation.

To get to Calgary by Train is not a difficult task as there are many train stations located in the area. The easiest way to travel between Vancouver and Calgary by Train is through the Trans Canada Trail which runs along the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. By this way you can easily reach Calgary. To get to Vancouver by train you need to be able to plan your trip so that you arrive at the right time on each day.

Another great place to go while Rail to Vancouver is Jasper, Alberta. This place offers a picturesque view of the mountains and the islands. The railway line connecting Vancouver to Jasper starts in Banff and continues till Jasper. The place is a beautiful location for hiking, cycling and fishing.

When you are planning your trip to Vancouver, you must make all the necessary arrangements so that your trip can run smoothly. You can also book your trip online, which will save you the trouble of finding accommodation. You can also book your tickets in advance for Vancouver to Calgary. Many tourists prefer to book their tickets in advance to ensure a comfortable journey. Many airlines offer airfare discounts and early booking in your airline’s website can save you money.

Rail to Calgary is indeed the best way to explore the delights of this magnificent city. You can also experience the thrill of mountain biking in the national parks of Canada. You can also enjoy the sites of Vancouver like Greyhound Park, Stanley Park, Kitsilent Park and Port Metro. You can also see wildlife on Vancouver Island, where there are a large number of wildlife species. While travelling through this city you can also visit places like Port Moody, Kamloops, Delta, Okanagan, and Fraser Island among many other places.

The Vancouver to Calgary railway journey takes approximately two and a half days. You can start your journey from Vancouver and go through the tunnel just north of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Burrad Concession. You can reach Calgary via the Sky Train and then take the connecting railway line towards Calgary.

Once you reach Calgary, the next stop is in Jasper, Alberta. Here you will experience the beauty of Glenbow Museum. It has been established in 1875 and is one of the major museums of Alberta. In addition to this, the City of Calgary also has the Mcoun Wood Park, Old Market Square, Enchanted Forest, and Waterton Park to mention a few places. Hence, your trip to Calgary will be full of excitement and fun.

Once you are done with your Calgary trip, you will only have one more destination to visit. This place is Banff, Alberta, Canada and it is another world-famous attraction. It is the third largest city in Canada and it was first organized as a mining town. It is also full of natural treasures such as geysers, lakes, rivers and several wildlife sanctuaries. So, it will also be a good idea to keep these places in your travel plan.