Train trip through the Rocky Mountains can be a great experience for tourists. One can easily spend several days in the midst of the spectacular landscape of British Colombia. There are many train stations in Vancouver, which provide connectivity to the main railway lines of Canada. Most of the train stations of Vancouver are located at the southern tip of Banff National Park. Tourists can have an easy access to the train station by hopping off from the cruise ships at Campbell River or Whistler.

Train trip through the Rockies

The train trip through the Rocky Mountains is a fascinating experience. It promises to be one of the most memorable travel experiences of your life. Take your train ticket to Calgary and catch a train to Glacier National Park. It will take you close to some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada. It is considered to be one of the best travel destinations in Canada. It has a number of interesting attractions that make the journey more enjoyable.

If you do not want to travel by train, there are other options like car trips or bus tours. However, if you do not have any planned journey and simply want to experience the beauty of the Rocky Mountains for three-night stay, it is better to opt for train tour to Calgary. You can easily find accommodations with beautiful locations around the city. You can have a comfortable stay at hotels like The Stampede Hotel, The Westin Jasper Hall and the Jasper Hotel.

The journey starts at the Banff National Park, where you can have a lot of fun. It has a lot of attractions like walking in the glaciers and viewing the colourful flora and fauna of Canada. After passing through the tunnel of the Ice Cave, you can proceed to the glacier Skywalk. There are also a number of hiking trails to follow. The journey ends at the Glacier National Park where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Canada.

If you are an adventure seeker, you will love the journey of train horns blaring from the locomotive as you pass through the tunnel of the mountain pass. The panoramic view of the city of Jasper and the railway line are enough to lure travelers to take a train ride through the Rockies. However, it is recommended not to take the train on Tuesday as it gives the passenger’s only an hour’s notice to sightsee. You can make the most out of the short train journey by catching sightseeing during the remaining part of the trip.

While you are in the midst of Canada’s prairies, you should also include a visit to the Jasper National Park and Fort Macleod. The scenery of the region is simply astounding and has drawn a number of travelers who plan to spend their first day in Canada. You can have a picnic lunch in the park or you can camp in one of the camping grounds in the area. Plan your trip well in advance as the sightseeing itinerary is not restricted to the first day.

When you arrive in Jasper, you can drive to the historic city of Kamloops and proceed to the mountain resort town of Kimberly. The natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains can be experienced in all four seasons and the travel time is just a couple of hours long. The spectacular scenery of Kamloops can transform into a peaceful retreat as you settle in for the night. Kimberly offers a wide range of accommodation options from backpackers accommodations to luxury lodges. Once you are done with your mountain trekking, you can relax in one of the many golf resorts in Kimberly. This experience will help you get a clear picture of what the accommodation options are like in Kamloops and Victoria before you make your trip to Vancouver.

While you are in the region, you should take a few days to experience the cuisine of the area. Food and wine tours are popular among tourists, who love to sample some of the best vintages from B.C. At the end of your first day in the region, you can make plans to visit some of the featured accommodation options in Kamloops, such as the Skytrain Gallery in Ketchikan, the Adler Gallery in Cranbrook, or the award winning Sky Train Lodge in Revelstoke. The Sky Train is Canada’s oldest mountain train and it runs along the Charles River. If you want a different way to travel during your vacation in BC, you should plan a trip on the Sky Train.